TEDxUNC rescheduled; I prepare for travel to Atlanta and Austin!


My friend Josh is collecting my writing. I’ll have to send him a copy of “Fashionably Late: Gay, Bi, and Trans Men Who Came Out Later in Life,”  edited by the always-fashionable Vinnie Kinsella, where my story about making out with Santa will thrill you to your coal-stuffed stockings.

TEDxUNC is BACK ON, after having been cancelled (yes, the entire conference) and the rumor is I’m on early! That’s April 2nd.

But before that, I’ll be in Atlanta May 30th, as part of a colloquium at the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at 4pm, and then later at Charis Books, with comrade Transgress Press author Lei Ming.

I promise, as always, to be brutally honest, hilarious, and charmingly sweaty. See you there!  (check out my calendar page for other gigs and updates!)


Collect My Bespoke Fortune Cards on Patreon

My Patreon Site is where you can find and support my work, and get some of your own, for as little as $3 a month. This is the very first card, The Fig, modeled by Smudgie. I plan on issuing at least 21, including Turmeric, Box, Original Cat, and the aforementioned Fig. To begin to collect yours, and to receive the instruction booklet, click the link at the beginning of this paragraph.


FEB: Reading at Quail Ridge / TEDxUNC Conference moved to April 2nd

February: I’m delighted to say I’ll be reading at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh, NC, on February 25th, 7pm. Molly McGinn hopes to make it, and share her Trunky-inspired songs, “Hope Fiend” and “Ravens & Wrens,” with ya’ll. They’re lovely and transcendent and made our audience at Flyleaf Books weep, so bring hankies.

Sadly, the TEDxUNC conference was cancelled! All that work the organizers did; such a shame. There was a water emergency in the area and everything closed. I’m told that the organizers will reschedule, so stay tuned…!



This Thursday, I’ll read from TRUNKY (transgender junky)  for the Book Release Party at Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill! Greensboro musician and long-time pal Molly McGinn will perform Trunky-inspired songs, along with the amazing Sam Frazier. These songs are painfully beautiful.

And there will be cake! 7pm Thursday, 2/2 at Flyleaf Books.

Then, on Saturday 2/4 after 3p, I’ll hold forth at TEDxUNC‘s 2017 conference. The subject is “home.” Come see, come hear, come home!

Thanks y’all.

TRUNKY Calendar of Events

  • FLYLEAF BOOKS: TRUNKY release party, February 2nd @ 7p, with singer/songwriter Molly McGinn doing her Trunky-inspired songs. With accompaniment by Sam Frazier. Come for reading and music; stay for cake. (Chapel Hill, NC)
  • TEDxUNC: Home: Presentation on what home is for this transgender junky. February 4th @ 3pm, Memorial Hall, UNC. (Chapel Hill, NC)
  • QUAIL RIDGE BOOKS: Reading from Trunky, February 25 @ 7p, with Molly  McGinn. (Raleigh, NC)

also, dates in ATLANTA, GA in March, TBA!


TRUNKY (transgender junky) published!

You can purchase your copy from Transgress Press now, and Amazon now!

Profoundly philosophical, surprisingly funny and brutally honest, this modern day tragic-comedy pulls no punches delving into the Sisyphean struggle of human addiction and recovery. After a decade of sobriety and relentless devotion to becoming a writer, Trunky finally finds himself on the brink of success and widespread acclaim. But as fate would have it, he spirals down into depression and begins using heroin again. This relapse is different from those that came before, however, as Trunky ends up institutionalized in a recovery center in the south among a diverse group of dopers–thugs, criminals, white supremacists, professional athletes and business men–all of whom are looking for something they’re terrified of finding. As Trunky navigates his path from addition to recovery and female to manhood in this cast of characters, he find himself on an unexpected journey into the depths of the human soul where he discovers its fundamental flaws and the redemption we experience from honest vulnerability when we have the courage to go there.

Praise for TRUNKY, from comic Ian Harvie (Transparent), authors Peter Trachtenberg and Zander Keig, and writer Cooper Lee Bombardier:

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For a taste of Trunky, hit here.