Linky Dinks and Newsy-Doos


Well I have been a busy transgender human author lately! Transgress Press author Lei Ming and I spent a day in Atlanta, beginning with a colloquium at Georgia State University focused on the transgender relationship with institutions. Lei Ming, who goes by “Ray,” spoke of the lack of resources and community in China, particularly rural China, where he’s from. He shared the story of his mother sending him to a local healer, who tried to purge the “evil spirits” from him by painting characters on his torso and breasts. His story is amazing, and I highly recommend his account of transitioning: Life Beyond My Body, with Lura Frazey.

After that, we read at Charis Books, in Little Five Points, to a sweet crowd of folks who managed to get there despite the burning highway-collapse of I-85!

Finally, I got to speak at TEDxUNC, on the topic of home. I’ll post a video soon, but here’s a link to the post-conference review, via The Daily Tarheel.

Goofball in the House of Charis Books


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