TEDxUNC rescheduled; I prepare for travel to Atlanta and Austin!


My friend Josh is collecting my writing. I’ll have to send him a copy of “Fashionably Late: Gay, Bi, and Trans Men Who Came Out Later in Life,”  edited by the always-fashionable Vinnie Kinsella, where my story about making out with Santa will thrill you to your coal-stuffed stockings.

TEDxUNC is BACK ON, after having been cancelled (yes, the entire conference) and the rumor is I’m on early! That’s April 2nd.

But before that, I’ll be in Atlanta May 30th, as part of a colloquium at the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at 4pm, and then later at Charis Books, with comrade Transgress Press author Lei Ming.

I promise, as always, to be brutally honest, hilarious, and charmingly sweaty. See you there!  (check out my calendar page for other gigs and updates!)


Published by Sam Peterson

A gregarious hermit crab, a banana on the half shell. Writer, playwright, artist, grumbly optimist.

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